Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”), located in the State of Pennsylvania.  Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. provides investment advisory and related services for clients nationally. Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. will maintain all applicable registration and licenses as required by the various states in which Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. conducts business, as applicable. Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. renders individualized advice to persons in a particular state only after complying with all regulatory requirements, or pursuant to an applicable state exemption or exclusion.

Terms of Use

Please read these terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) carefully before using the website located at (“Website”) or any of the information or services provided by Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. in connection with the Website. By using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and accept to be legally bound by them. If you do not accept and agree to these Terms, you are not an authorized user of the Website or any of the information or services provided by Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. within the Website and should promptly terminate all use thereof. The terms “you” and “your” mean you and any entity you may represent in connection with the use of the Website. You may use your browser to download or print a copy of these Terms for your records.

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms at any time for any reason. We suggest that you review these Terms periodically for changes. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting. You acknowledge that by accessing our Website after we have posted changes to these Terms, you are agreeing to these Terms as modified.

Please remember that it remains your responsibility to speak with your advisor if there are any changes in your personal/financial situation or investment objectives for the purpose of reviewing/evaluating/revising our previous recommendations and/or services, if you would like to impose, add, or to modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment advisory services.

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. will provide all prospective clients with a copy of our current Form ADV, Part 2A (“Disclosure Brochure”), Form CRS and the Brochure Supplement for each advisory person supporting a particular client. You may obtain a copy of these disclosures on the SEC website at or you may obtain a copy on Website.


Risk Disclosure

Risks Associated with our Clients’ Investments

General Investment Risk:  All investments in securities, including for our clients, risk the loss of capital. We believe that our clients’ more diversified investment portfolios moderate this risk. However, there can be no assurance that our clients’ programs will be successful.

Market Risk: Overall securities market risks will affect the value of individual instruments in which we invest and the market price of a security may fluctuate, sometimes rapidly and unpredictably. U.S. securities markets may additionally be impacted by negative external and or direct and indirect economic factors such as global trade policies, economic growth and market conditions, interest rates, war, terrorism, natural and environmental disasters, public health emergencies and political events. The adverse impact of any one or more of these events on the market value of fund investments could be significant and cause losses.

Market Disruption Risk: Recently, the onset of an infectious respiratory disease called COVID-19, caused by a novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 has had, and is expected to continue to have, a severely adverse impact on the economies of many nations, individual companies and the market in general. The Adviser cannot predict the likelihood of occurrence or the effects of similar pandemics and epidemics in the future on the U.S. and other economies, or the investments in the clients’ portfolio or the potential for success of the portfolio. Certain markets have experienced temporary closures, extreme volatility, severe losses, and reduced liquidity and increased trading costs. These events will have an impact on the portfolio and its investments and could impact the ability to purchase or sell securities. Other infectious illness outbreaks in the future may result in similar impacts.

Developments in Financial Markets:  Developments in the global financial markets over the last decade illustrate that the securities markets can exhibit extraordinary uncertainty.  In light of such uncertainty the potential accompanying weakening of the financial services industry, Conservest’s’ clients brokers (and their respective affiliates) and other financial institutions’ financial condition may be adversely affected, and they may become subject to legal, regulatory, reputational and other unforeseen risks that could have a material adverse effect on our clients’ business and operations.

Execution Risks and Trading Errors:  Conservest trading activities for our clients utilizes brokers for securities transactions that are selected by our clients. Conservest seeks best execution and has trained execution and operational staff devoted to executing, settling and clearing such trades. However, in light of the complexity and diversity involved, some slippage, errors and miscommunications with brokers and counterparties may occur and may result in losses to our clients.  Conservest will evaluate the merits of potential claims for damage against brokers and counterparties who are at fault and, to the extent practicable, will seek to recover losses from those parties. Conservest may, in certain circumstances, choose to forego pursuing claims against brokers and counterparties on behalf of our clients for any reason including, but not limited to, the cost of pursuing claims relative to the likely amount of any recovery and the maintenance of its business relationships with brokers and counterparties.  In addition, Conservest may be solely or partly responsible for errors in placing, processing, and settling trades that result in losses to our clients. Conservest will reimburse our clients for the net amount of any losses caused by Conservest’s own gross negligence in placing, processing or settling trades.

Bankruptcy of Broker-Dealers:  Any cash and securities maintained by our clients at accounts at U.S. broker-dealers registered with the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) are protected to a limited degree by the U.S. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (the “SIPC”). In the event of the bankruptcy of a broker-dealer, if sufficient funds are not available in the broker-dealer’s customer accounts to satisfy claims, the reserve funds of the SIPC will be used to supplement the distribution, up to a ceiling of $500,000 per customer, including a maximum of $250,000 for cash claims. Therefore, our clients could be at risk of loss for any amounts in excess of the SIPC limit to the extent that the broker-dealer does not maintain insurance sufficient to cover any amounts owed.

Political, Economic and Other Conditions:  Our clients’ investments may be adversely affected by changes in economic conditions or political events that are beyond their control.  For example, a stock market break, continued threats of terrorism, the outbreak of hostilities involving the U.S. or other countries, or the death of a major political figure may have significant adverse effects on general economic conditions, market conditions, market liquidity and our clients’ investment results.  Additionally, a serious pandemic, such as the current COVID-19 crisis (see “Market Disruption Risk” above), or a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, could severely disrupt the global, national and/or regional economies and/or markets.  Other factors, such as changes in U.S. federal or state tax laws, U.S. federal or state securities laws, bank regulatory policies or accounting standards, may make investments or dispositions less desirable.  Similarly, legislative acts, rulemaking, adjudicatory or other activities of the SEC, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA or other governmental or quasi-governmental bodies, agencies and regulatory organizations may make the business of our clients less attractive.  A negative impact on economic fundamentals and consumer confidence may negatively impact market value, increase market volatility and cause credit spreads to widen, each of which could have an adverse effect on the investment performance of our clients.

Cybersecurity Risks:  Conservest’s information and technology systems may be vulnerable to damage or interruption from computer viruses, network failures, computer and telecommunication failures, infiltration by unauthorized persons and security breaches, usage errors by their respective professionals, power outages and catastrophic events such as fires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Although Conservest has implemented various measures to manage risks relating to these types of events, if these systems are compromised, become inoperable for extended periods of time or cease to function properly, Conservest may have to make a significant investment to fix or replace them.  The failure of these systems and/or of disaster recovery plans for any reason could cause significant interruptions in the operations of Conservest and our clients and result in a failure to maintain the security, confidentiality or privacy of sensitive data, including personal information relating to investors (and the beneficial owners of investors). Such a failure could harm the reputation of Conservest, or our clients, subject any such entity and their respective affiliates to legal claims and otherwise affect their business and financial performance.

Privacy Disclosures

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc.  is committed to safeguarding the use of personal information of our Clients (also referred to as “you” and “your”) that we obtain as your Investment Advisor, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. does not collect personal non-public information through this website; however, the Advisor may collect information from you on application forms, agreements, profile or investment policy statements, and other documents received or processed in relation to services we provide. We also may collect information from other sources.

We do not respond to “do not track” requests because we do not track you over time or across third party websites to provide targeted advertising. We may track you across our website to help us improve our content.

We may use “cookies” and similar online technologies to keep, and sometimes track, information about you regarding your usage of our website. Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser or related software from a Web server and stored on your device. Cookies help us to collect information about your usage of our website, including date and time of visits, pages viewed, amount of time spent on our sites, or general information about the device used to access the site, such as the browser used. You can refuse to store or delete cookies by configuring your web browser settings. Most browsers and mobile devices have their own settings to manage cookies. If you refuse a cookie when on our website, or if you delete cookies, you may experience some inconvenience in your use of our website, such as having to re-configure preferences.

When you are on this website you may have the opportunity to click-through to other websites, including websites operated by unaffiliated third parties. These sites may collect nonpublic personal Information about you. We do not control sites operated by these entities and are not responsible for the information practices of these sites. This Privacy Policy does not address the information practices of other websites. The privacy policies of websites operated third parties are located on those sites.

For a copy of the Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. Privacy Policy, please click here.

Email Disclosures

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. often communicates with its clients and prospective clients through electronic mail (“email”) and other electronic means. Your privacy and security are very important to us. Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that email communications do not contain sensitive information. We remind our clients and others not to send Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. private information over email. If you have sensitive data to deliver, we can provide secure means for such delivery.

Please note: Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. does not accept trading or money movement instructions via email.

As a registered investment advisor, Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. emails are subject to inspection by the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) of Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. or the securities regulators.

If you have received an email from Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. in error, we ask that you contact the sender and destroy the email and its contents. If you have any questions regarding our email policies, please Contact Us.

Social Websites

Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. may utilize third-party websites, including social media websites, blogs and other interactive content. Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. considers all interactions with clients, prospective clients and the general public on these sites to be advertisements under the securities regulations. As such, Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. generally retains copies of information that Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. or third-parties may contribute to such sites. This information is subject to review and inspection by the CCO of Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. or the securities regulators.

Information provided on these sites is for informational and/or educational purposes only and is not, in any way, to be considered investment advice nor a recommendation of any investment product. Advice may only be provided by Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. advisory persons after entering into an advisory agreement and provided Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc. with all requested background and account information.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please Contact Us.

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